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Company introduction

Yantai Fangxin Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. (Fangxin for short), is a leading global water electrolysis equipment manufacturer that combines water electrolysis theories study and application development.

As the Creator of Water Electrolysis Technologies, Fangxin invests a large amount of funds in new techs research and new product designs, and carries out exchanging visits with research institutes and enterprises at home and abroad. With constant science research invests, the company has always stayed in the global leadership and has made great achievements in water deep purification, function activation, electrolysis and ionization control, electrolyzed water drinking care, water catalyst disinfection and preservation, cold ion eliminating pesticide residues, non-carbon non-toxic cleaning with electric water.

With the enterprise mission of “Activate water functions, extend water application, reduce and eliminate water pollution, love and protect the life source”, Fangxin has established its own and joint research&development and processing bases in Shandong, Zhejiang, Guangdong. Fangxin masters the core technology and can handle the whole line production. The company has an excellent water quality test lab that can simulate and generate water of different quality indexes and make qualitative and quantitative analysis. Fangxin produces more than 20 series including more than 150 civil and industry products.

Our customers include government offices, universities, enterprises, like Beijing Administration of Animal Husbandry, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhejiang University, Suzhou University, China Oil, Wahaha, and families of all provinces and cities. Fangxin has the right of self-support import and port. With the global customers’ support, Fangxin has international customers like OMRON, KOYO, HASO, AMTEK, HILL, TRITECH and establishes business in more than 20 countries such as America, Japan, Russia, India, Australia, Hungary, Mexico, Peru, Mongolia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Rurma, Ghana through five continents.

Looking forward, Fangxin will stick to the enterprise values of “value customers, united as one, integrate and credible, be creative and do solid work” and cooperate with you in sharing the good products and green water environment.

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