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Lab Super Alkaline Water Ionizer

   Innovation is the primary driving force for development.

   Universities always play important roles in the scientific and technological innovation system.

   Facing new development opportunities and challenges,Qingdao University of Technology and Qingdao Agricultural University finally purchase our High Precision        Laboratory Electrolyzed Water Ionizer (pH=13.0) after wide survey,they will use it in architectural research.

   Until now, in addtion to Qingdao University of Technology and Qingdao Agricultural University, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Animal Husbandry Bureau of Beijing,Zhejiang University,Suzhou University,Zhejiang Ocean University,Zhejiang University of Science&Technology,BOHAI University,Shanghai Ocean University,Yunnan Agricultural University,South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute,Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences etc. Purchase our Laboratory Electrolyzed Water Ionizer For research in various fields.
     High Precision Laboratory Electrolyzed Water Ionizer(pH=13.0) purchased by Qingdao University of Technology and Qingdao Agricultural University are totally independently researched,developed and manufactured by our company.

    Fangxin Brand Laboratory Electrolyzed Water Ionizer has 5 Laboratory Electrolyzed Water Ionizer. This series of products are positioned to provide precise and reliable experimental electrolyzed water generator for global scientific research institutes and universities.

    Combined with our long-term research experience on electrolyzed water, this series of products can track and display the relevant parameters in the process of electrolysis, which can directly reflect the electrolysis process and can trace whether the experimental data is accurate and effective. At the same time, it avoids incomplete data and unstable indicators of household models, complex operation and long sample time of industrial models. It has the characteristics of comprehensive and accurate data, wide range of experiments, simple operation and fast sampling speed.

Super Alkaline Electrolyzed Water Ionizer is widely used. Super alkaline electrolyzed water can be used for cleaning, degreasing, lubrication and rust-prevention.
★  Carbon-free and chlorine-free, can be used in military industry, nuclear industry, optical lenses, glass and liquid crystal panels and other precision cleaning.
★  Non-irritating, can be used in laundry, printing and dyeing industries.
★  Colorless, odorless, non-toxic, can be used for lathe cutting, metal stamping and metal surface grinding.
★  Natural anti-rust, can be used for oil cleaning of iron parts.
★  Not containing heavy metals, can be used for cleaning tableware, lampblack machine, carpet, elevator room, etc.
★  Not containing any surfactant, can be used for cleaning fruits and vegetables, sterilizing and keeping fresh, and removing agricultural residues.
★  Being directly discharged, used for pipeline cleaning in beverage, food, distillery and other enterprises.
★  Capable of replacing pesticide and chemical fertilizer, promote plant growth and increase crop yield. 


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