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Alkaline water machine(5T)

Parameter of weak-alkaline treatment

Model number: Fangxin weak-alkaline ionizer series

Inflow pressure :0.15~0.35MPa

Power supply:380V 50HZ

Inflow temperature:10~40 degree

Outflow rate:1T/H~100T/H

Productive way:continuous electrolysis

Value of PH:alkaline 7.0~10.0

The portion of acid and alkaline:the maximum adjustment ratio 3:7

Remarks:all requests from guest demands could be attained in measure

1.With the technology of the most advanced electrolytic membrane separation,the main control settings of fangxin slight alkaline ionizer ,that are consisted of the electromagnetic setting,electrolytic activation cell and control apparatus and so on, make original water to separate alkaline one and acid one.

2.The equipment could prevent the plate from oxidizing to extend the span of using time,because of the electric pole material of titanium coated platinum iridium.

3.The equipment assembles with water route and electrical control for the convenience and compact.

4. The equipment shows the parameter alike PH value,conductivity and electric current and so on.

5.In the process of electrolysis,the equipment could kill harmful materials such as bacteria and virus in order to keep safe,clean and healthy.

6.The equipment could be satisfied with the demands of guest who can regulate the electric current to make water in different PH value.

7.The equipment could timely clean to extend the span of using time in the function of inverted pole cleaning.

8.The equipment could guarantee the water quality and stable water flow in the completed system and automatic operation due to the technology of water electrolysis and of electrical separation.

9. The equipment runs in low energy,high volume and stable operation system in disposition of the international brand accessories such as siemens and schinader.


1.The earliest and the most professional large-equipment manufacturer of electrolyzed water in China.

2.Less than 10 years experiences of self-development,manufacture and production of electrolyzed water treatment equipment.

3.The OEM capability fastest,most professional and the most powerful in large electrolyzed water treatment equipment.

4.The equipment passed through the test of professional organization at home and abroad.

The products across 20 countries owing to the leading technology ahead of the world.

Main way of producing slight alkaline water

Here are two ways of producing slight alkaline water.One is generated by the water electrolysis principle,the other is generated by alkaline additives principle.The former principle is recognized the safest ,the most effective and most reliable way in common view including Ministry of Health .

Furthermore,Alkaline additives principle is respectively divided with the traditional and present way.

The traditional way:the solution becomes alkaline solution in certain mineral ratio (soda,mineral water,salt water)by the way of metering device and under the range of safety in abidance with state regulation.

The present way:some artificial mineralization balls made by alkaline balls,tourmaline balls,far infrared balls and so on dissolve into water in large filter tank,as water flow has passed the filter material of balls.Eventually,the water becomes alkaline one.In virtue of not guaranteeing the minerals-releasing ratio.This way exists the danger so that could not pass through the approval of Ministry of Health.

Water electrolysis principle of fangxin water ionizer series

1.Absolute the method of physical decomposition without any additives and mineral materials.

2.The purified water becomes alkaline Electrolytic reduction water with negative potential by the direct current in the electrolytic cell in which cations such as calcium,kalium,magnesium are convened into the negative pole(principle of opposite attraction and same attraction).Acid oxidizing water has generated by the electrolytic cell in which Anions such as chlorine,three halogen methane,phosphate,sulfuric acid and nitrate convene to the positive pole.

3.The increasing number are beneficial trace elements which are adjusted with the body absorption,as cations such as calcium, kalium, magnesium moved to the negative pole in the ion exchange and in the electric field.On the contrary, the harmful substances are decreasing to be drained.

Characteristic of slight alkaline

1.slight alkaline electrolytic water

The PH value of human body fluid in the range of 7.35~7.45,however,alkaline water in the range of 7.0~10.0 is corresponded with the inner atmosphere of human body and neutralize inner acid toxin to maintain the balance of PH value


2.negative potential

Generally,the potential value of running water,spring water is +200mv~+500mv.alkaline water,which contributes to clear the inner garbage and release surplus free radical,could become from+500mv to-150~-350mv in the reduced reaction, and sharply catch the acid materials to unite and discharge.

3.small molecule cluster

After the electrolysis,molecule cluster in the water are opened from 15 large molecule clusters to 3-6 small molecule clusters which are closed with the number of water molecules inside or outside of body cells,and which easily absorb and easily exchange water inside or outside of body cells,and which discharge some harmful elements in the cells to enhance the dissolving force and penetrating force,and promote metabolism in the course of ions exchange

4.activate mineralization

Moderate mineral materials and trace elements in the water are adjusted with body absorption and human health in the form of ion.

5. The enough volume of oxygen(5mg/l)

Application of alkaline water in daily life the respect of relieving disease symptom

(1)Intestinal disease--drinking alkaline water could improve dyspepsia,excessive gastric acid and diarrhea and so on in a long run.

(2)Gout--21.3mg uric acid dissolved per 100mg alkaline water in alkaline water is the 2 times than normal water.Often drinking could lower the uric acid value.Diabetes and obese drinking that could lower blood sugar and wash blood fat.

(3)Cardiovascular disease--alkaline water could make the blood concentration reach to the normal , and make vascular wall soft,and avoid from rupture of vascular sclerosis.The alkaline water is beneficial for the metabolism and urinate and for kidney trouble and cardiovascular disease.

2.daily maintenance

(1)One cup in the morning and evening--some people respecting health know that drink a cup of tea after getting up in the morning could make the gastrointestinal move and promote the metabolism.Alkaline water could accelerate the inner body function because of strong penetration and dissolution.If drinking in the morning and evening ,it could prevent residue in blood from crystallizing and precipitating.

(2)After perspiring--alkaline water rapidly could supply with water and electrolysis.

(3)Before and after drinking--drink more electrolytic water could neutralize the acid in alcohol during over-drinking.

Electrolytic water putted into the alcohol could relieve the concentration of alcohol even alleviate the drunk sense.

Alkaline water brewing tea and coffee could remove tart taste.alkaline water brewing milk powder could be easily absorbed.

(4)Cooking food--alkaline water could show the character of the cooking soup,and it not easily goes yellow.

The alkaline water could accelerate the cooking and the rice is glutinous and fragrant.

(5)The constipation directly drink 1-2 cup of alkaline water after getting up.

(6)The fatigue had better drink alkaline water,because the that is caused blood acidic.If though you do the more sports andthe blood is on the alkaline state,you could not feel tired.some doctor says”the fatigue is equal with acidic blood”.

3 other aspects

(1)When arranging flower,planting pot and washing flower,the alkaline water could accelerate the growth and enhance the antibacterial ability and make it beautiful.

(2)Keep fresh(fish,meat and vegetable)--the food is sprinkled by alkaline water the quality of that is soft without any odor.

(3)Soaking seed:promote growing and sprouting.

(4)Applied into the ornamental fishes:alkaline water could disinfect and keep water fresh and be beneficial for the plants growth.

Alkaline water has the function of small molecule,strong penetration,high dissolved oxygen,free potential removing and physique enhancing.that could brew tea and food slice(medical has proved that the tea brewed by cool water could prevent the disease of cardiovascular system and lower the blood sugar)alkaline water could relieve thirst and prevent disease.

Thereby,the appearance of alkaline water is admired by many scientists and professionals,which is named the healthy drinking water in 20 century.Acidic water and alkaline water has no side-effect,so that they has the high value in society to benefit human.

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