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Yantai Functional Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. is a world-leading professional manufacturer of industrial grade electrolyzed water ionizer. We combines water electrolysis theories study and application development perfectly.

As the Creator of New Electrolyzed Water Technology, we invests a large amount of funds in new techs research and new product designs. We keep communications and visits with scientific research institution and enterprises domestic and overseas . With constant science research investment,we stay ahead of the global competition and has made great achievements in water deep purification, function activation, electrolysis and ionization control, electrolyzed hydrogen-rich water drinking care, water catalyst disinfection and fresh-keeping, Functional water cultivation,cold ion eliminating pesticide residues, non-carbon and non-toxic cleaning with electrolyzed water.

Most of our customers are famous in the world or in China. Our local customers contain Chinese Academy of Agriculture Sicience, Animal Husbandry Bureau of Beijing, Zhejiang University, Petro China, Wahaha, Yili Group, Henan Zhongwo, Taizhou Yiguan,Shinva Medical,Shanxi Naan Bio, Tianjin Guanfang.....etc government organizations, universities and companies. Our international customers contain ORION in Korea, KOYO bearing in Japan, Tri-Tech in Singapore,Hill in Maylasia,LIQUO8, Alfa in Indonesia,NAFFCO in Dubai,OMRON,AMTEX machinery,..... Also with effort of our dealers, our customers spread over 30 countries around the world, like America, Japan, Russia,India, Australia etc.

Facing future, we contribute to providing high-quality product and service.

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