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Industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning about electrolyzed water generator-the b

Strong alkaline detergent generator is the new type,which has good cleaning effect in place of the chemical detergent, an which is non-toxic-non-harmful and no discharge towards environment.

1.Stable cleaning quality to release the waste caused by productive line stop.

(1)Enhance the productive efficiency needless of changing detergent to stop equipment.

(2)Alkaline water can insist on stable cleaning.

2.Relieve the environmental burden

(1)Electrolyzed water can directly drain to the sewage without any surface active agent.

(2)Easily rinse without any foam

3.Good anti rust effect

When cleaning cold rolled steel SPCC,it could not be rust within 1 week.

  detergent  electorlyzde water 
 appearance transparent  transparent 
 PH  7.7 11.5 
 BOD 109g/l 
 hexane extract 15g/l 
 component non ionic surfactant  water 
 recommend concentration 5-20%  original solution 

Detergent with 10%solution drainage standard

BOD=109000MG/L BOD=600MG/L

N--hex=1500mg/l N--hex=5mg/l n

The difference in different detergent

name 250type 500type
power AC220V 50HZ AC220V 50HZ
power 500w 1000w
water pressure 0.1-0.3Mpa 0.1-0.3Mpa
single channel direct supply OK OK
built-in storage tank NO NO
cleaning agent flow 250L/H 500L/H
PH value 11.5-12.5 11.5-12.5


size 1500*620*1200mm  

Specification model

The compare of degreasing

item alkaline electrolyzed water    improve rate 
  before usage  after usage   
 absorbent agent volmue 8016kg  100% 
 antirust agent volume  2400kg 100% 
 protective agent volume  600ton  120ton  80% 
 liquid waste volume 7000kg  2600kg  62% 
 detergent cleaning time 12times  4times  66% 
 draining treatment volume 4800ton  420ton  70% 

Note: the cleaning procedure of NAOH and surface active agent

Alkaline water with adjustable PH value compares with NAOH solution

 name PH value  OPR  ion concentration  conductivity  viscosity  loss rate of aluminum cleaning rate irritate scent   water-contacting reaction 
 NAOH 13.0  -40  3000  1260  1.4  1.1  45%  scent  heating 
 electrolyzed water 13.0  -960  2300  2700  1.2  0.4  76%  non  non 

skin reaction eye irritation dissoloved oxygen dissolved hydrogen
burn burn 7.11 0.002
non non 3.75 1.048

Note:the data of PH 11.7(not PH 13.0)

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