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Strongly alkaline water equipm

Strongly alkaline electrolytic ion water equipm

Strongly alkaline electrolytic ion water equipm
Parameter of strong alkaline electrolyzed water 
Model number: Fangxin weak-alkaline ionizer series
Inflow pressure :0.05~0.15MPa
Power supply:380V 50HZ
Outflow rate:0.1T/H~1T/H
Productive way:continuous electrolysis
PH value:alkaline 11~13.5
Weight:100KG(make to measure)
Remark:all requests from guest demand could be attained in measure
Fangxin Enterprise Advantages
1. Professional manufacturer of large electrolyzed water treatment equipment
2. 10 years of experience of developing, manufacturing and producing electrolyzed water treatment equipment.
3. OEM capability of professional and strong large electrolyzed water treatment equipment
4. Equipment exported to more than 10 countries in Europe and America, Southeast Asia and Asia.
5. Weakly alkaline water equipment is the best choice for purified water plants, mineral water plants, juice drinks plants to replace their old equipment.

Electrolysis principle of strong acidic water generator
Before the running water has been previously purified,Strong-alkaline electrolysis water is made by Fangxin FX-SAEB series electrolytic cell whose ion membrane separates negative poleand positive pole ,and make cation from negative cell to positive cell ,and prevent anion from entering negative cell to positive cell, and avoid from blending gases from two cells.Salt water is electrolyzed H+,OH-,NA+,CL-. The water shows acid including effective chlorine in a certainconcentration,because H+,HCL and HOCL are accumulated in positive cell where 4H+ besides water and oxygen that 40H-generates reacts with CL2 that CL-generates furthermore, and water toform HCL and HOCL.Here is the alkaline water of PH≥11 in the negative cell where H2O in electrolysis generates H2 and OH-.
Technical indexes
Water processing: Water passes the equipment and is electrolyzed, and become strongly alkaline ionized water.
Water components: H₂O and a large amount of OH- ions, free of any chemical components
Working temp: from normal temp to 100℃, components and functions are stable.
Intentions: industrial cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, degreasing, dewaxing, replacement of cutting fluid.
Product application
1. Metal stamping parts degreasing and cleaning (passing through jet washing/ultrasonic washing);
2. Metal machines degreasing and cleaning (effectively cleaning off the cutting fluid, metal filings and grease);
3. In electronic glass industry (TP/CG) replacing the strongly alkaline cleaning method (horizontal cleaning or tank type ultrasonic cleaning);
4. Cleaning off glue after cutting neodymium, iron, boron, tungsten, steel (processing temp: 90℃, ultrasonic cleaning).
5. Delicate medical implant parts cleaning


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