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Weak Alkaline Water Ionizer

Weak Alkaline Water Ionizer (2T/H)

Weak Alkaline Water Ionizer (2T/H)

Alkaline Water Ionizer; Weak Alkaline Water Ionizer; Alkaline Water Generator; Weak Alkaline Water Generator; Alkaline Water Equipment; Alkaline Electrolyzed Water Ionizer; Alkaline Electrolyzed Water IGenerator;

pH: 7.0~10.0 (Customized)
Outflow: 1T/H~200T/H (Customized)
Hydrogen Concentration: 0.2ppm~1.8ppm (Customized)
Outflow Ratio of Alkaline water VS Acidic Water=  1:1~9:1 (Customized)
The equipment can be customized according to the specifications and parameters required by cusomers. 

 The equipment produces weak alkaline and weak acidic water in the mean time. Among them, weak alkaline electrolytic water, also known as ion water, hexangular water, hydrogen water, hydrogen-rich water ,small molecular water, etc.

Characteristics of Alkaline Electrolyzed Water:

* Weak alkaline pH = 7.0-10.0, which meets the needs of the weak alkaline environment of human body and maintains the acid-base balance of human body. 
* Negative potential OPR=-150 mV to-800 mV is helpful for the removal of excess free radicals and other garbage in vivo. 
* Small Molecular Groups: Small Molecular Groups consisting of 3-6 water molecules are more easily absorbed by human body. 
* Active mineralization: There are appropriate amounts of minerals and trace elements to supplement human needs. 
* Rich in hydrogen: the concentration of hydrogen is 0.2-2.0 ppm, which improves the human body's antioxidant capacity. 

In the highly competitive beverage and food industry, electrolytic water restructure the DNA of beverages, simplifies the formulation, and makes the product taste more natural and the quality safer

The use of electrolyzed water for raising livestock and poultry can enhance the ability of epidemic prevention and egg milk production of chickens, cattle and pigs. 

Principle Strength Weakness
ELECTROLYSIS   Water flows through the electrolyzer and decomposes under direct current.
At the same time, there are two kinds of water, alkaline water and acidic water.
Safety; minerals such as calcium and magnesium are separated into alkaline water, and harmful acid ions are separated into acidic water and discharged.

No consumables; The pH value is stable.

Recognition by the Ministry of Health
Equipment manufacturing costs are high.
ADDITION When mineralized alkaline substances or baking soda are added to the water, only alkaline water is produced. Equipment manufacturing costs are extremely low. Acidic substances cannot be separated.


Not licensed by the Ministry of Health and not recognized

The pH value is

Expensive consumables : filter element.
NATURE WATER Natural alkaline water. Mining cost is low, and most natural water in North China is alkaline because of its high hardness.
It is only alkaline due to the presence of minerals such as calcium and magnesium in water, without small molecule structure and negative potential.
Note: Real electrolysis method to produce weak alkaline water will actually get acidic water. Good electrolytic water equipment does not need pre-addition and post-stabilization process.

*  The pure water can be electrolyzed into alkaline water with zero addition and only a little electric energy. 
*  Deep electrolysis, pH value of alkaline water and small molecule groups remained stable for more than 24 months. 
*  Exclusive technology, equipment does not need backwash, cleaning, electrolyzer never blocked. 
*  Experienced, more than15 years of R&D and manufacturing, equipment can run more than 10,000 hours uninterruptedly. 
*  Leading the industry. The weak alkaline electrolytic water equipments with single machine over 5T/H are 100% manufactured by Fangxin. 

No. Item Value Test Party
1 pH 7.0~8.5 China CDC
2 17O(Hz) 45 Sun Yat-sen University
3 Hg(mg/L) <0.00005 China CDC
4 Pb(mg/L) <0.0001 China CDC
5 Total Colony Number (CFU/mL) 0 China CDC
6 Total coliform colonies (MPN/100mL)
Not detected China CDC

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