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HOCl Water Ionizer

HOCl Water Ionizer

HOCl Water Ionizer

 HOCl Water Ionizer ;  Hypochlorous Acid Water Ionizer ; hypochlorous Acid Water Generator ; Slightly Acidic Water Ionizer ; HOCl Water Generator ...

pH: 5.0~7.0
Outflow: 200L/H~100T/H (Customized)
Available Chlorine Concentration: 10ppm~1000ppm (Customized)
The equipment can be customized according to the specifications and parameters required by cusomers. The max. available chlorine concentration can reach 30 000ppm

The equipment can fully electrolyse the aqueous solution containing chlorine ions to produce the most efficient bactericidal ingredient HClO hypochlorite, which does not produce oxygen or ozone, and does not produce high-level oxides of chlorine such as HClO 2, HClO 3, etc. Slightly acidic electrolytic water, also known as hypochlorite water, has a pH of 5.0-6.5. The available chlorine concentration is usually 10-30 ppm. It can also be adjusted according to need. The maximum concentration can reach 30,000 ppm. 

In Japan, where food safety standards are very high, in 2002, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labor approved that slightly acidic electrolytic water can be used as a bactericidal ingredient of food additives, formally named sub-saline acid water. It is used for cleaning, disinfection, CIP cleaning and fresh-keeping processing of food raw materials.

Low concentration and high activity, bactericidal capacity is 80 times that of sodium hypochlorite, which can be used for slaughter, aquatic products, fruit and vegetable sterilization and ice preservation.

Non corrosive, humidifying spray can improve air quality and effectively prevent epidemic diseases. 

No irritation, no heavy metals, household cleaning can be used for tableware disinfection, personal wound disinfection. 

No residual, green environmental protection, can be used for cleaning and disinfection of poultry and livestock cages, utensils and space. 

High concentration of hypochlorite water, with strong oxidation, can be used in various types of sewage treatment. 

Non-toxic, sterile, fast-growing and low-cost. It is used for aseptic inoculation in the mushroom industry. 


Disinfectant Regular Concentration  Time (Minute) Odor Irritation To Skin Pollution To Environment   Corrosion To Copper, Aluminum,    Iron    Chemical Residual   
Slight Acidic Electrolytic Water 
(HOCl Water)
10-30mg/l 0.5-45 Slight No No Slight No

2% 20-600 Strong Yes No Slight Yes

Peracetic Acid   
0.2-1.0% 10-60 Strong Yes Yes Moderate Yes
Iodophor              500-5000mg/l 2-30 Moderate   Yes Yes Yes Yes

0.1-0.5% 5-30 Moderate   Yes Slight Slight Yes

75% 2-60 Moderate Slight No No Yes
Chlorine Dioxide  500mg/l 30 Strong Yes Slight Yes Yes
Sodium Hypochlorite 1000mg/l 10-30 Strong Yes Yes Yes Yes

1. Fully automatic tooling equipment, unattended, 24*7 hours continuous operation.
2. The cost of water production is low. 6-8 tons of micro-acid water can be produced by 1 kilowatt hour electricity.
3. The conversion rate of chloride ion is 99%, while that of similar products in the world is only 60-80%.
4. Known by customers as the most stable and reliable brand with the highest sustainability, most world-class enterprises have taken our equipment to replace the original Japanese products. 

No. Item Value Test Party
1 pH 5.5 SGS
2 COD (mg/L) <10 SGS
3 Pb(μg/L) <1 SGS
4 Bactericidal rate of Escherichia coli(%) >99.97 Guangdong Institute of Microbiology
5  Bactericidal rate of Vibrio parahaemolyticus(%) >99.97 Guangdong Institute of Microbiology
6 Germicidal rate of Candida albicans(%) >99.98 Guangdong Institute of Microbiology

強電解水企業協議会.微酸性電解水使用マニュアル(食品添加物 微酸性次亜塩素酸水塩素酸水用), 2002
中国护理管理2008年第8卷第4期 酸性电解水的基础、应用及发展动向
上海交通大学护理学院2011年第11卷第2期 微酸性电解水的临床应用与进展
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