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Super Alkaline Water Ionizer

Super Alkaline Water Ionizer

Super Alkaline Water Ionizer

Super Alkaline Water Ionizer; Super Alkaline Water Generator; Functional Water Generator; Super Alkaline Electrolyzed Water Ionizer; Alkaline Water Ionizer; Alkaline Water Generator

pH: 12.0~14.0 (Customized)
Outflow: 60L/H~100T/H (Customized)
*The equipment can be customized according to the specifications and parameters required by cusomers. 

● The equipment can change pure water into super alkaline electrolytic water with pH=12.0~14.0, also known as electrified water, micro-electrolytic water, functional water, etc.
● Super alkaline electrolytic water has high cleaning and disinfection effect.
● Carbon-free and chlorine-free, can be used in military industry, nuclear industry, optical lenses, glass and liquid crystal panels and other precision cleaning.
● Non-irritating, can be used in laundry, printing and dyeing industries.
● Colorless, odorless, non-toxic, can be used for lathe cutting, metal stamping and metal surface grinding.
● Natural anti-rust, can be used for oil cleaning of iron parts.
● Not containing heavy metals, can be used for cleaning tableware, lampblack machine, carpet, elevator room, etc.
● Not containing any surfactant, can be used for cleaning fruits and vegetables, sterilizing and keeping fresh, and removing agricultural residues.
● Being directly discharged, used for pipeline cleaning in beverage, food, distillery and other enterprises.
● Capable of replacing pesticide and chemical fertilizer, promote plant growth and increase crop yield. 

Respectively, the SUS304 stainless steel plate with silicone lubricant was degreased for 5 minutes by Fangxin Strong Alkali vs. other 4 ways, with ECG super alkaline water, with trichloroethylene cleaning solution, with 5% NaOH solution plus surfactant from different companies, and pure water. Then compare the cleaning effect, shown in the table below:


●  Instantaneous electrolysis produces only alkaline water and no acid water. The effluent indicators are tested by users and authoritative organizations, which are far superior to similar products.

●  Perfect operation control system, from water intake to water outlet automatic control, one key start-stop. 

●  The operation indicators and effluent quality are monitored and displayed by the third party online instrument, which is true and effective.

●  At present, super-alkaline electrolytic water equipment with pH (> 13) and effluent (> 100L/H) running in enterprises all over the world are manufactured by Fangxin. 

No. Item Value Test Party
1 pH 13.3 SGS
2 Anionic surfactant (mg/L) <0.05 SGS
3 Hg (μg/L) <0.1 SGS
4 Bactericidal rate of Klebsiella pneumoniae(%) >99.98 Guangdong Institute of Microbiology
5 Removal rate of propoxur (%) >97.8 Guangdong Institute of Microbiology
6 Removal rate of DDVP(%) >95.0 Guangdong Institute of Microbiology

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